Welcome to Next Generation
Child Development Center

Located on the Atascadero State Hospital grounds.
Open to the public  •  EOC (CAPSLO) accepted

Our Mission

We are dedicated to contributing to the development of children by providing an enriched play experience and guidance in social development.  Under the supervision of the Director/Teacher, children will learn by doing and become enriched by exploring their environments at their own pace. Our staff views education as a partnership between parents and teachers. We believe in empowering children by offering them opportunities to make decisions and solve problems.  It is our goal that children will inherit confidence in their abilities and establish lasting relationships with teachers and peers. By offering an engaging curriculum, it is our aspiration that each child will develop a positive outlook towards school, a better appreciation of the world around them, and acquire a life long love for learning during their time spent here at Next Generation, and most importantly learn through play and fun!  

Outdoor play area

Next Generation provides a safe and nurturing center where children can laugh, play, explore and grow. Our location provides many spontaneous experiences such as a train that passes by off in the distance and the wonderful wildlife that often pass by. Deer, squirrels and birds are frequently seen wandering the beautiful rolling hills that surround our center. The children will get to see baby fawns as they wander about with their mothers as well as watch them grow. Our nature filled surroundings truly make our outside time an adventure everyday.  

Our play yards consist of 3 separate yards. One large area good for riding bicycles, and play cars, along with a small sand area and two smaller play structures. The next area is a large sand area suited with a large play structure and dramatic play area, and another yard with a small play structure, sand area and a new boat and ocean themed play area. All areas of our play yards are provided with nice adequate shade by our lovely surrounding oak trees as well as shaded areas put up by us to keep the children cool on warmer days.


We have two buildings that are split into three spacious classrooms. The lower lot building consists of two classrooms, our main office and our main kitchen. The Ladybugs (2 years old) and the Monkeys (3 years old) share this building and its large play yard. Many dramatic play areas are set up for the children to explore as well as a  comfortable library center for the children to have books read to them or for them to explore them selves.  Our goal is to have our children feel safe, comfortable and stable in their classroom environments while fostering the best early childhood education possible for their growing minds. We combine math, science, literacy, physical and social studies into our everyday routine. 

The upper lot classroom is for our Pre-K Lion Cubs (4-5 year olds) The upper classroom has a bit more space to it along with it's own play yard and shaded play area. The building has 2 classroom areas along with it's own kitchen and bathroom facilities. We implement into our curriculum studies to help prepare our Pre-K children for Kindergarten and allow them to explore more deeply into cognitive thinking and comprehension while fostering their mental growth through play and fun.