Programs & Curriculum

We are excited to continue the same quality program as the last 25 years here at The Atascadero State Hospital. We are committed to providing safe, healthy and nurturing care to your children. Our emergent curriculum combined with experienced and caring teachers makes for an awesome adventure for your child each and every day. We believe the best way for children to learn is by play and exploring. We combine excellent lesson plans filled with activities to captivate and expand your children's early education. We use Zoo Phonics curriculum to introduce our letters using sight, sound and signals. 


Ladybug Classroom
(2 years Old)

This class concentrates on the importance of socializing and learning coping skills. We learn about personal space, sharing and emphasize on play and its positive effect during the early stages of learning our Zoo-Phonics Curriculum. They will start to learn the basic hand and sound signals for our Zoo-Phonics alphabet.  We make learning fun and incorporate play into our learning.


Monkey Classroom
(3 years Old)

The Monkey class is filled with learning, laughing and lots of dramatic play. Children will be working with shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and cognitive concepts. This will also be incorporated with Zoo-Phonics Curriculum while learning to recognize the hand signals, sounds and sight recognition of the letters. 

Lion Cubs Classroom
(4-5 Years Old)

We explore, explore and explore! This class is all about play and learning while making new life experiences. We continue with the Zoo-Phonics Curriculum. We have an excellent based preparatory program that will incorporate getting your child ready for Kindergarten all while still being a kid and having fun while learning.

Next Generation carries out a "child centered" approach to learning.  Each child is encouraged to explore, learn, contribute, question, and grow at his/her own pace.  Each child is respected and appreciated as a unique individual developing emotionally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

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